We recommend the use of vapouriser that do not require water. While candle burners may add a touch of romance to the art of vapourising essential oils, we recommend that for safety, you do not use candle burners around babies, small children or animals. Recently there has been a surge in the variety of electric vapourisers available commercially. Most still require water to reduce the temperature, but we’re not in favour of these type of vapourisers and currently only stock water-free brands. These unit is thermostatically controlled so that there is no need for water, thus increasing the safety and effectiveness of this unit. If you are purchasing quality essential oils, you do not want to ruin them by exposing them to excess heating.

Water-free vapourisers are a safe and effective way to gain the benefits of essential oils throughout your home. Before leaving home in the morning, add 8 drops of you chosen oil to your vapouriser, when you return home you will be greeted by the beautiful aroma permeating your home – what a wonderful welcome!.