Active French Clay
Argiletz Active clays are pure products, rich in minerals, which work in synergy to cleanse, tone and revitalise your skin, hair and body. Clay can be used for face-masks, poultices and for internal ingestion.

Green Clay
Probably one of the most used of all clays. It contains a higher percentage of trace elements than the other clays. It has an intense drawing effect on toxins and foreign bodies within the body. Green clay is an excellent exfoliant, astringent and purifier, it is especially useful for oily & congested skin, great to apply to pimples and for any skin type that needs a pick me up.

Red Clay
Red clay is more oily than green clay but is less absorbing.. Red clay may be used for refining the texture of the skin, calming inflammation and a bacteriostatic. It is most suitable for post – acne, mature, dehydrated, tired and stressed skin and may also be used for black rings around the eyes.. Red clay is recommended for use in the bath.

Yellow Clay
Yellow clay is found in areas near to red clay. It is made up of fine particles of Iron oxides, it is similar to the action of green clay but has a gentler action on the skin. It is suitable for most skin types, especially useful for sun damaged, oily, couperose, combination & fatigued skins

White Clay
White clay is kaolinite. It comes from areas washed by running water. White is the least drawing of the clays, and is useful for sensitive skin. It is widely used in the manufacture of creams and masks. It has a high percentage of Aluminum silicate giving it exceptional healing properties. White clay can be used in place of talcum powder and is also the most appropriate for fine lines and wrinkles. Most suitable for sensitive, elderly or very young skin

Pink Clay
Pink clay refines the texture of the skin. It improves the softness and has a tonifying effect on the skin. It acts as a bacteriostatic, is calming to inflammation and has cytophylactic (cell regenerating) properties. Most suitable to dehydrated and sensitive skin. Pink clay is a combination of red & white clays